The Book of Judges

This series in the Book of Judges is about obliterating our moralistic understanding of these stories and seeing an Almighty God and His powerful redemptive work.  In the Book of Judges we see His abundant grace, His holiness, His great sovereignty in all things, and His mission to the world despite man’s failures.

God is the hero!

Judges 2:16-23: The Rise of the Judges (Introduction to Book of Judges)

Judges 1: Failing to Follow

Judges 2:1-15: Ditching God

Judges 2:16-3:6: Pitied by God

Judges 3:7-11: Persevering Grace

Judges 3:12-30: Shaming the Strong

Judges 3:31-4:24: Secondary Sovereignty

Judges 5:1-31: The Gracious Gift of Song

Judges 6:1-40: Power Perfected in Weakness

Judges 7-8:3: Untitled

Judges 8:4-35: A Rejected, Mouthy, Wanna-Be King

Judges 9:1-57: Free from The Bramble

Judges 10-11:11: What Will Happen Next?

Judges 11:12-12:7: Religious Fools

Judges 12:8-14:20: Role Models?

Judges 15:1-16:31: Part 1: Responding to Grace

Judges 15:1-16:31: Part 2: A Disconnected Downfall

Judges 17:1-21:25: The Enemy Within: Religous Collapse

Judges 19:1-28: But No One Answered

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