Gospel Community

The Church of Isaac’s Keep is a community of redeemed believers spreading the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to communicating the gospel message in the context of a gospel community, inviting people into the Christian family as we share the gospel with them. We want people to experience church as a network of relationships rather than a meeting attended or a place entered.

We are committed to sharing our lives in Christian community, caring for one another, discipling one another and resolving conflict.

We are committed to welcoming broken people and making church accessible to unbelievers. We want to offer a sense of belonging, and be communities of grace in which people can be open and vulnerable. We will not let our welcome be dependent upon adherence to cultural norms.

The Good News of who God is and what God has done gives us our identity and fuels our worship. Gospel Community is where the applications of grace and generosity find their context. As believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are empowered to love and serve each other as a reflection of how Christ has loved and served us.  The Gospel is the goal and the means of developing community through grace and love. It can be messy and hard because we are sinners, sin divides, sin competes, sin distracts, sin clings to what’s comfortable.  But the Gospel frees us from the bondage of sin and allows us to pursue relationships as God designed them, celebrating what is beautiful, sharing what is difficult, and demonstrating grace, forgiveness, and unity around the Gospel that unites and binds us to Him and each other.

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