Acts, the guide to constructing a community of believers for whom God is prime and administering of the Gospel of God.

Acts 1:1-8: Unstoppable Power

Acts 1:9-11: The Return of The King

Acts 1:12-26: Praying, Together

Acts 2:1-13: The Coming of The Holy Spirit

Acts 2:14-41: A Sermon of Sermons

Acts 2:42-47: Characteristics of Believers…

Acts 3:1-11: Miracle, Gospel

Acts 3:12-26: HE-ism vs ME-ism

Acts 4:1-22: Part 1: Audaciousness in the Face of Trouble

Acts 4:1-22: Part 2: The Gospel Prevails at the Gates of Hell

Acts 4:23-31: Prayer in the Midst of Crisis

Acts 4:32-5:11: Community Without Compulsion: Part 1: Gospel Generosity

Acts 4:32-5:11: Community Without Compulsion: Part 2: Great Fear

Acts 5:12-42: Mission, Evangelism, Church Growth: Early Church Style

Acts 6:1-7: Structured to Serve

Acts 6:8-15: Stephen, The Gospel Centered Life

Acts 7:1-53: Be Strengthend & Be Warned

Acts 7:54-8:1a: To Live and Die with Jesus

Acts 8:1-8: The Curious Case of Persecution

Acts 8:9-24: The Tare of Cultural Religion

Acts 8:25-40: Extraordinary Evangelism

Acts 9:1-19a: Hope in the Conversion of Conversions

Acts 9:19b-31: Jesus is the Son of God

Acts 10:1-43: The Gospel Transcends Prejudice, What’s On Your Sheet?

Acts 10:44-11:18: More Work of the Spirit

Acts 11:19-30: Are You One of the King’s People?

Acts 12:1-25: Prayer and The Sovereignty God in Gospel Living

Acts 13:1-12: Missions

Acts 13:13-41: Reaching the Culturally Religious with The Gospel

Acts 13:42-52: The Beautiful Wake of the Gospel

Acts 14:1-7: The Message of Grace: Sinners Welcome

Acts 14:8-20: The Gospel During Crisis

Acts 14:21-28: He Did it All!

Acts 15:1-35: Spirit Led Gospel Sufficiency

Acts 16:1-5: Accommodation for the Sake of Redemption

Acts 16:6-10: Living the Life of Faith in the Midst of Uncertainty

Acts 16:11-15: The Good News of Doing Nothing

Acts 16:16-24: The Power of God Over Paganism

Acts 16:25-34: Jesus is Lord, Cue the Party!

Acts 16:35-17:10a: Evangelism, Sharing God’s Grand Story

Acts 17:10-21: Pierced with the Glory of God

Acts 17:22-34: Engaging the Whole Story

Acts 18:1-17: History Leads to Hope

Acts 18:18-23: From Here to There

Acts 18:24-19:10: Something Missing

Acts 19:11-20: The Extraordinary Power of God

Acts 19:21-41: Gospel Affections Massacre Our Idols

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